I am setting sail as early as the end of July 2009!

It has not been easy; from having an idea to getting the commitment sometimes can take our whole life or even more... The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions for me and here is where I am at.

I am sailing my Benteau 343 around the world, it will do the trick! I sold my House and just about all of my belongings to finance most of my adventure.

I will be back, if the wind so decides, to continue my journey.

I discover the purpose of my dream, and is to make a difference to others that have less (material stuff). I have been busy doing many things to forward my dream of sailing around the world.  I have learned a lot.  

As I sat for lunch earlier today, I was thinking on the process that it has been for me, how did it all start?  It really started long ago when I was a kid, I always dreamed of sailing the world. 

My desire to do it propels me daily.  Recently, I find myself in a real estate market that has slowed down, I am 54 years old, not getting any younger - it seems the perfect timing for me to realize my dream. 

I first started taking the Coastal Navigation course and the Radio course, and you need to know what really you need to know! So I started talking to everybody that I knew that have done it.... They are called "doners" in the jargon!  Among them I just knew one, my cousin Jay, so I invite him for dinner to picks his brains and I called JP who sold me the boat and he pointed me to Malcolm which I called and he told me to come to his lecture last Friday during the 2009 Vancouver boat show.  I manage to convince Astrid and Klaus to come with me that night, as you might already figure out they are not yet on board in my dream. 

One more area to work on! 

When I told Jay that I was meeting Malcolm, he says -I know Malcolm and Jackie... -I met them in Mexico! To make the long story short, Malcolm and wife Jackie sailed around the world for 9 years in a boat just like mine - they had the trip of their lives and what the really got out of it, was the meaning for their lives, to be of contribution to others.  Briefly, they were in El Salvador for a big earthquake where everything pretty much got leveled.  Malcolm (Architect) and Jackie organized a number of sailors more than 100 sailors in the area, raised money all over and build 7 houses in 3 Month for the locals of a small village.  Wow!  That is what I want to do!  That really gets to my fiber. So I met Jackie and Malcolm in the lecture and we talk and talk and talk. I was so inspired that I went to see them at the next presentation on Saturday and Malcolm told me that I should talk to the Bluewater Cruising Association at the show.  I met Boudewijn at the show and I talked to him for an hour.  He invited me to a meeting on Tuesday night.  He was a "doner"! To my excitement, I arrived at the meeting expecting 10 people; there were over 250 people there. 

At the break Boudewijn introduced me to a number of experienced sailors, I was just thrilled!  A couple shared about their trip, exactly the same that I want to do and there again what they got for themselves was the meaning for their lives.  - I saw my dream alive.  These people are an inspiration, and a contribution to others while fulfilling their own dreams.   This has led me to the meaning, the possibility of my own voyage around the world. 

The reason for me trip is to make a contribution to others. 

On the same Saturday I listen to Anne speak about her trip.  Anne shared details of her 15 year sailing excursion around the world with her husband Martin.  She and Martin took used eye glasses on the trip and distributed the glasses to people in need all over the world.  - I like the idea and there are many people all over the world who don't have access to eye glasses the way that I have throughout my life.  I am also inspired in doing a shoe and clothe collection and the plan since my boat is not that big is to have a Team to be sending the stuff down and I will distribute it.

The people I will meet have next to nothing and some they have never used shoes in their lives. I am open to your suggestions.  "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."~Anatole France

Via email!

Roger Cottrill wrote on October 14, 2008

What the hell!When do you leave? Can we get together before you go?Roger 

Chris Duncan wrote on October 14, 2008

Going to make a movie of your trip eh?

Meredith Field wrote October 14, 2008

Wow, you're sailing around the world?  I will have a look and get back to you. i'm happy for you Eduardo, that sounds very exciting!  Ryder's first birthday is this Friday, so we're super busy preparing for that.  This picture was taken Thanksgiving. Cheers,Meredith

Keith Puiu wrote on October 14, 2008

Have you left if so Taya and I wish you a safe trip with calm seas and good health. Be safe your friends. T and K.

Nick DeMare wrote on October 14, 2008

Quite the journey ahead of you, travel safe and take care.The "blog" looks fine, not into critiquing blogs as this is the first one I have seen, PS a book , movie and TV series ? Shooting for the stars, good luck.

Lauri Kimberly wrote on October 14, 2008

Dear Eduardo, what do you mean what do I think???  How can anyone think anything except that you are an absolutely amazing person!!!  Howard and I are very very excited for you our crazy, delightful friend. When do you plan on beginning your journey?  We want to be sure to be there to see you off into your dream horizon. All the very best to you dear friend.  You are a true inspiration! With lots and lots of love, lauri, howard and flecha too

Juan Reyes wrote on October-15-08

Estimado Eduardo : ¿QUÉ DEBO HACER EN DEFINITIVA? porque entro y solome aparece un Yate o Mini Barco en que me imagino darás la vuelta alMundo, ahora en lo que deseesque te coopere en tu Blog, ningún problema pero qués es lo que debohacer para ayudarte.Un Fuertes Abrazo. Tu Amigo de siempre, y cuenta conmigo para lo que desees.

Lainey Mac-Auliffe wrote on October 15, 2008

Hola Teddy; Trate de poner el comentario que esta a continuacion en tu blog y no me resulto.  Te estaremos esperando - avisa para tener los collares de flores y el orfeon en el muelle :-)Here is wishing you the best sailing ever, please keep us posted of your whereabouts, and do please return to the place where you started sailing.  We will be waiting for you in La Herradura with empanadas, pisco sours, reminiscences and good times to share.Safe trip Teddy,Cariños, Lainey

Isabel Morrell wrote on October 15, 2008

Yes very cool, I have signed up to be kept up to date on your shenanigansLooking forward to it,Love Isabel

Jeff Baker wrote on October-15-08

Great start Eduardo! I'm away on vacation until the 26th. I'll look forward to seeing more when I return. Best,Jeff

David Cartwright wrote on October-15-08

Hola Eduardo, me pillastes de sorpresa. No tenia la mas minima idea de tu interes en veleros y tu decision de navegar el mundo en uno. Te felicito.Decidi jubilarme a fines de 2007. Enero y Febrero 2008 lo pase en Chile esculpiendo piezas grandes algunas de las cuales estan en lugares bastante publicos. Acabo de volver de un mes en Argentina y Chile. Todo bien por alla. Planificando mi proxima incursion que seguramente sera un patiperreo por el Camino Austral.El pasado octubre 2007 fui dos veces al Cabo de Hornos logrando dar la vuelta del cabo en una de las dos visitas. Despues a Ushuaia y de alli a las Torrres del Paine (por quinta vez).Te deseo pleno exito en tus aventuras. Estare a la espera de noticias.Muchos saludos,David

Maria Braungart wrote on October-15-08

Hi Eduardo, good luck and best wishes as you sail around the world!  I look forward to hearing of your progress.Sincerely,Maria

Charly Jadranin wrote on October 15, 2008 

Take me with you!  Have a great trip. What a wonderful thing to do. I am so proud of you for doing this.  Keep in touch.

Jackie Ellis wrote on October-15-08

Wow Eduardo this looks amazing!!! What an adventure. I am going to ask some of my teachers if the would like there class to follow your travels. Best Wishes. Jackie

Sophie Bizeul wrote on October-15-08

Que bueno!!!! Cuando te vas? Te deseo mucha suerte! Eres una gran inspiracion!Besos xxx

Alan Moody wrote on October-15-08

Wow, sailing around the world??Good luck. I am more of a 'within sight of land' kinda guy. Alan MoodyTRILLIUM REAL ESTATE CORP

Jackie Cote wrote on October-15-08

I think it is a wonderful idea.  I feel it's great timing in your life also.It is 'living on the edge'' for sure and business can wait right now.  Whois going with you? How long will it take you.  (I may sell and move toKelowna in 2009). Keep me posted and should we do a farewell party?  Whydon't you let Philip know of your plans.  Keep in touch My neighbour, Bruce and Elaine in my building here would love to follow yourjourney. Bruce (a minister) asked if it was a spiritual journey for you and Isaid I am sure it would be... I'm all signed in, I think.  Good luck

Rick Pingle wrote on October 15, 2008

Eduardo, WOW - this is amazing. Yes please keep me posted every step of the way! Good luck! Travel Safe.

Seyed Torabian wrote on October-15-08

Hi Eduardo; Nice to hear from you Eduardo, and that you have such an exciting plan ahead, Wow !! is that why you were keeping such a tough diet. and getting fit:?   Are you travelling alone or you have a sweet heart travelling companion?  When are you embarking on your trip? Look forward to your reports, it idea is great. All the best , take great care; Seyed

Brian Yuen wrote on October-16-08

Thanks Eduardo.  All the best and look forward to reading about your exploits! Brian

Brent Martin wrote on October-16-08

Eduardo; Awesome work in getting it out there....Im inspired and will be with youthe whole way...Ill let you know of anything I think will cause yourjourney....and I want you to keep me posted too!Cheers buddy and thanks for the time the other dayB

Dave Childs wrote on October-16-08

Hello Eduardo; This looks great. In regards to our project, the video guy is interested, I think maybe you and I should just sit with him first to see what comes out of that meeting. Putting together a big brand and strategy is a lot of work so lets talk a bit first. Let me know when you are available next week and I will book a meeting with Mike Regards David

Bardia Goodarzi wrote on October-16-08

Very nice. Congratulations.

Carol McQuaid wrote on October-16-08

Congratulations Eduardo!  This sounds like an amazing adventure.   Sailing around the globe is one of my dreams as well; I'll be  following your blog closely.  When do you set sail?  Are you going  solo?  I see you'll be traveling on a beautiful Beneteau - what's the  length?I spent most of the summer shopping for the perfect sailboat, but with  all these market crashes we've decided to hold off for a while before  purchasing.  I'm so glad I can enjoy the adventure vicariously.Best wishes, happy sailing, and I look forward to reading about your  adventures.Carol

Oswaldo Koch wrote on October-16-08

Dear Eduardo; Esta travesia se ve desafiante. La haces solo of acompanado?Cuando partes?Abrazos

Sharlene Ridgeway wrote on october-17-08

Hi EduardoWhen are you leaving?Please send lots of pictures!Happy sailing!SharleneSharlene Ridgeway 27   
Diane Ho wrote on October-20-08

Hi Eduardo,Wow!  I'm so happy for you.  If anyone has the tenacity and fortitude toaccomplish such a feat, it would definitely be you!  What is your timeline?Take care!Diane

Michael O'Shea wrote on October-21-08

hi eduardo,  i am very excited for you. what an incredible adventure. please keep me on your blog list. i have a couple of sailing friends who i'm sure would love to be on it as well. i'll check with them and pass on their emails to you. fantastico, michael

Stephen Henneberry wrote on October-23-08

Eduardo,I did not read this until today. WOW !!!!!!Please include Melissa (included above)  in your correspondence. She very interested.How long will this take? Would you like a 1st mate for a 10 day leg in some exotic place?Stephen

Jay Fraser wrote on October-24-08

Wow, Teddy! You live life in big bites!Congratulations on starting your dream ... it's a big, bit world, and  it will be a big, big adventure. Some of the best advice we got before  Leslie and I sailed down to Central America was from a non-sailor: he  said that adventures are just like real life, but at a much higher  volume. The ups will be way, way up, and the downs will be profound.  But you can get through the downs by remembering the ups.I'd love to share some wine & talk about it some more, next time I'm  over on the mainland, or next time you are over here on the island.  Please keep in touch!Jay

Ted and Therese Swan wrote on November-02-08

Eduardo,Therese and I both applaude your tenacity to follow your dreams and sailaround the world! The passion of your dreams brings hope to those in your'community', and we are both tremendously proud of you. The only advice Icould possibly give, is that which you already know - Success is a journey,not a destination. Enjoy it!Fair winds and good seas my friend!Ted and Therese