Around The World with Eduardo

“I am taking on this journey to show the world that anything is possible.”


The dream of sailing around the world is very much alive for 54 year old Vancouverite, Eduardo.

As a boy growing up in Chile, Eduardo was introduced to sailing when he was 10 years old.

The water, the wind and the dynamics were fascinating for Eduardo at 10, now at 54 the passion is still alive. Sailing was a major part of Eduardo’s life until he was 25. At 25 the daily rigors of Eduardo’s life took over, career, family, responsibility…18 months ago Eduardo returned to sailing.

With 2,600 miles sailing clocked since March 2007, Eduardo is poised to fulfill his dream and  wants to share with you.

Eduardo’s goal is to sail around the world, share the experience and connecting people and inspiring others to see what is possible. Eduardo would like to join your group to tell you more about his plans of sailing around the world and show the world what is possible!

What is the challenge?

Living by and with the elements
-Surviving with the basics, safety, and food and myself!-